In every segment of The FSA Buzz we will feature a department and their staff. It is important to us that you all see who is behind the positive work that FSA does in the community. 

  Senior Nutrition

Senior Nutrition


Tom Donahue, Senior Nutrition Program Administrator. He is the jokster of the bunch but he always makes sure his department runs as smoothly as possible. 

Michelle Grangers, Food Service Director. Michelle is your woman when it comes to delicious and nutritious meals. She is also one of FSA's CPR instructors. Michelle may be small but her wit and passion make her 10ft tall. 

Jeanne Joyce, Office Manager. Jeanne makes sure all of the behind the scene work is completed successfully. She is a woman of many talents and aspirations. Jeanne assists with proposals, staff needs and client questions. 

Kristin Denney, Office Assistant. Kristin is Jeanne's right hand man. She takes care of their program's data needs plus makes sure all of our nutrition sites are the best they can be. Even when her desk is filled with work you will always see this smile. 

Patsy Bartley, Office Assistant. Patsy is part of the data team of the senior nutrition department. She is a wiz with a data sheet and numbers. 

Arlea Anderson, Operations Technician. Arlea is another member of the data team, she is responsible for the clients in San Bernardino County. Arlea always has a smile on her face and good story to share. 


Annie Landais, Office Assistant. Annie tracks and accounts for all of the congregate meals and clients. Annie easily makes a friend out of anyone who sits next to her and is always keeping the laughter going. 

Jazay, Case Manager. Jazay is the newest member of the senior nutrition team. She goes on home visits to our clients to make sure that they are maintaining their health and great attitudes. Clients are always on her mind and she hopes to make a positive impact in the community.