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Mobile Fresh

A grocery store on wheels! In an effort to promote healthy eating habits and ease of access to quality produce. The program combines the convenience of a corner store with the selection and freshness of a Farmer’s Market. Mobile Fresh targets “food deserts”, geographic areas where supermarkets are few and far between. This is great news to seniors with limited mobility and those with low-incomes as produce and dry goods are sold for prices 20 to 30 percent less than markets. A renovated commuter bus donated by Riverside Transit Agency allows Mobile Fresh to impact nearly 25,000 families; many of whom FSA provides nutrition and housing services, mental health counseling, child development and senior programs.

Mobile Fresh has grown to 68 stops monthly serving around 800 people. To be able to help even more people Mobile Fresh now accepts EBT as another form of payment. This program is constantly growing and we hope with that growth our reach expands also. 

For inquiries regarding general questions and routes please call (951) 686-1096

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Upcoming Mobile Fresh Stops