Dear Friends of Family Service Association:

As we pause to reflect on over 64 years of service in the Inland Empire community, we remember some of the incredible milestones along our journey. We have built buildings, served our community, and shed light on issues long-ignored. We have faced these issues, this fight, with courage and dignity. We have aligned ourselves in partnership with legislators, corporations, organizations and individuals who are like-minded and present in this quest to proactively change what we must.

To think of the history and the change that has transpired over the last six decades is inspiring and remarkable; yet our organizational age does not define us. We never stand still!  There is always more work to be done – more children who need a safe space to live, learn and grow; more families who need help along their journey to becoming a survivor; more seniors who crave interaction and the opportunity to not merely occupy their time but to serve their community, to expand their minds. We need more people, like you, who care. We need more people to join us and stand up for the voiceless in our community.

Standing with you,                       

Dom Betro, CEO