Thank You Riverside County Sheriff's Academy!

On July 1, a team of 28 Riverside County Sheriff’s Academy recruits and their instructors helped clean and organize the Family Service Association Central Kitchen/Distribution Center. This enthusiastic group volunteered for a 3-hour shift helping:

  • Sweep, mop and wash walls throughout the warehouse

  • Wash wire shelving racks, refrigerator doors, windows and sills

  • Wash down exterior of building and clean building perimeter

  • Help pack and bag food for lunches

  • Wash pots and pans

The group will finish their 6-month Basic Peace Officer Training course in August.  This Community Project was a benefit to Family Service Association and a team-building project.

The recruit in charge was “Patty” Myriam Guerra.  Additional Sheriff’s Academy Recruits in this senior class helping at the FSA site included Guerra, Ruelas, Garcia, Bowdry, Carter, Shinn, Becerrill, Crux. Ruano, Buenrostro, Harlow, Kimsy, Craine, Labaco, Erwin, Dohanyos, Camacho, Limen, Baxter, Vazquez, Munoz and Salazar. Instructors participating included lead Sgt. Stolte, Inv. Cleary, Inv. Munoz, Cpt. McAuliffe, and Dpty. Brito-Gonzalez. Another group of 28 helped with demolition and prep work for painting and a facade rebuild for the City of Calimesa City Hall buildings. 

We sincerely appreciate their support of FSA and their endeavors to keep the community safe.

-- Kathy Knox

Volunteer Program Manager

If, you or someone you know is interested in our volunteer opportunities please feel free to reach us at:

Tele: (951) 275-5055 or visit our volunteer landing page at: